25 November, 2016

Moving To Mac

Having used Windows and Linux for several decades, I only started my foray into using a Mac when I moved jobs about 5 years ago. I can still recall my initial excitement at unboxing such a beautiful device... followed by weeks of growing frustrations at actually trying to use the damn thing. After about 2 months I hit break-even, and after 4 months I was somewhat besotted, and over time finally moved all of our home machines to Mac too.

We were recently joined in the office by a one or two colleagues, who while extremely technical and capable, had also had close to zero exposure to working on a Mac before.... and so this post, is going to attempt to catalogue some tips and how-to's for those moving from Windows to Mac for the first time (I'll perhaps add further to this over time):

More notes to be written up (please send any further suggestions to @bseymour on twitter) hidden files... .htaccess etc.. DesktopUtlity app - which I use to show hidden files.. f.lux - screen shots ... cmd shift 3/4 .. even better with dropbox integration growly notes terminal... bash .. yey keynote - is of course the Mac's presentation software, but it's also pretty handy for knocking up a very quick diagram. (Ref - the workflow post - which I initially worked on in OmniGraffle... before switching to Keynote )

many things are the same: .. I sync bookmarks, passwords the same way as ever ... dropbox / 1 password/ chrome login...

Microsoft Office - keyboard shortcuts are very hit and miss......

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