Aside from the day-job, here are some of my side-projects
Storyus, the Slow Social platform

Storyus® : the Slow Social platform

Storyus® is the Slow Social family-friendly collaborative storytelling platform, which puts you in control of how your story is told. No ‘likes’ ♥. No public follower counts. No Adverts. You ‘own’ your story and can decide what was important, and how best to share it.

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Haktive by Emma Seymour

Haktive : Healthy Active Kids

As well as being an early investor, I also provide technical oversight, to many aspects of this incredible initiative whose goal is to get more children and their families to be active.

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The Barley Moon - an artists collective

The Barley Moon : Artists collective

The Barley Moon is a small collective of independent artists and photographers off all ages (10-75 so far) who want to share our visions, and versions, of the natural inspiration that can be found all around us.

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Unslump Me - words of inspiration, bringing you back to yourselfBrooklyn Bridge at daytime

Unslump Me

Everyone has slumps. Everyone has their ups and downs. The higher our spirits soar the bigger our dreams and ideas. This little site is where I collect some of these spirit-lifters, as well as those passed in to me. Alongside the right visuals, these can serve as a quick pick-me-up and I hope they can do the same for you too.


Save Your Past - helping you treasure your pre-digital memories

Save Your Past (Ltd.)

Blow the dust off some of your family's most precious memories with Save Your Past Ltd. Transform them into a form where they will degrade no more, and where you can turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate them.

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A red fox sitting on a meadow

Practical Responsive Images : Book

Following painstaking work the picture element, and srcset and sizes attributes are finally supported by the major browser manufacturers, with the Picturefill polyfill, giving solid support for 'legacy' browsers, we should now be seriously considering using these new functions in all of our projects.

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See More Potential Ltd

See More Potential Ltd.

Co-founder, contributing author, photographer, and technical oversight. (Underwent a business name transition in 2020)

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