The Technical Presales Triangle


Let's consider an automotive example
capability - bigger engine
value - more power, more speed
value - more noise, increased self esteem
implications - worse fuel economy implications - potentially more anti-social
implications - potentially less environmentally friendly

capabilty - engine tuning
value - more power
value - more interesting audiatory experience
implications - more expensive parts
implications - more skill required to achieve
implications - potentially narrower power band, more intricate driving approach

SaaS Sales

Applying CVI to SaaS Sales :

Technical Capability: prefetching data

Business Value extremely rapid page navigation
improved UX
increased content engagement

Commercial Implications
Small increase in end user data request - potentially costing users money in some circumstances (mobile data plans in some countries)
Increased Bandwidth consumption

So let's add a Implication Mitigation element :
Ensure there is education and understanding the use of pre-fetch is understood at the technical, business and commercial levels. use pre-fetch with consideration - not just every link (for example does it matter if your T&Cs load in 30ms or 1500ms)